Sunday, February 17, 2013

Poc Chuc

Poc chuc is a popular Yucatan dish, made with pork or chicken. Its made by marinating meat in a delicious homemade marinade including oranges, habanero, and spices for at least 1 day.. Served with a orange infused habanero salsa! Last week before the assembly we were able to taste the best Poc Chuc ever!! There are two families in our hall with young children Caleb & Carolina (kids are Caleb jr 9yrs((jus baptized this assembly wknd)) & Andrea 9 months!) and Carolina's brother : German n his wife Adali (kids are Milton 7yrs and Monica 4 months) well Carolina n Germans mom Neri invited us over for her famous ribs and carne poc chuc, and lemme tell you.. We COULD NOT STOP EATING!!! It was soooo delicious!! An then even tho we could not have possibly had anymore room in our stomachs they kept feeding us , dessert was a Melon saborine con leche that Hermana Neri also made.. Delish!!! it's like a fresh fruit popsicle! It was so fun hanging out with them all at Sister Neri's house , she is the sweetest n funniest older sister! The guys pulled out her dining room table at her request so we could eat in the fresh afternoon breeze (in her driveway) it was such a fun, encouraging and DELICIOUS time ;-) so needless to say I had to ask her to show me how to make this wonderful meal! So as our last week approaches she is going to show me and we are going to feast on Poc Chuc our last sunday(in a week from today!) We can't wait and think we will fast for a few days leading up to Sunday so we can enjoy as much poc chuc as possible! Lol. The sister Neri attended the assembly all the way up in merida this last weekend, to see Caleb Jr get baptized , and we loved seeing her there because although she does not speak a word of English she Attended both days:) they truly are becoming our Chetumal family !

Circuit assembly in Merida post coming soon!:)

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