Friday, December 14, 2012

Circuit Overseer Visit

This week we are having our CO visit. The first for this new hall. Its been great, the brothers are very loving and energetic. Their names are Dwayne and Prodigy Turner. A little background on them: Both were bethelites in New York (him for 19 years and she joined him for 8 of those), Gilead grads, missionaries in Honduras, and have been in the circuit work for 8 years, and were assigned here from Honduras 4 months ago.

On Wednesday we had the privilege of giving hospitality for lunch, in the home of one of the couples in our hall( Rebeca & Antonio's). We made them Chicken in creamy  mushroom sauce with veggies, white rice, and another sister made a salad. Then for dessert made Thai Sticky rice with coconut ice cream and fresh slices of mangoes :) They said they really liked it all, and kept going back for more (so that was a good sign!) The next morning the sister thanked us again, because she told us they enjoyed it soo much they had the leftovers for dinner that same night! :)

We've been able to go out to service with them a few times during the week, and even got caught in a  tropical storm yesterday in middle of service afternoon. The poor brother and another brother he was with got soaked! We have enjoyed their experiences, and company so much, and already are going to miss them! THeir example shows us the blessings and the great experiences that come with serving JAh whole souled, and taking advantage of all the training/schools that the society has available for all of his servants. Makes us so happy to be able to be here in Chetumal and meet all the wonderful brothers and sisters.

Tonight we were invited to the pioneer meeting with the hall, looking forward to it! (will be joining the 7 local pioneers)

Oh and its It's been a very hot and very humid week! High 80s F, with 82%humidity!!! Ahhh, lol. And it's funny because we are both melting in the heat! And the local bros n sis tell us "oh this is our Cold "fresco" weather .." They say this as they wear coats and long sleeve sweaters!! Lol.

Will keep ya updated n more soon on all the weird bugs and things of living here in this part of Mexico! Lol.

~Rafa n Lizette

Here are some pics from service with local sisters, and of our visit with Dwayne n Prodigy.


  1. Sooo exciting!!!!!!! I love the apparment!Como que only one little bar to hang clothes?! lol! We are so proud and happy for you guys! It sounds so good that you guys are getting to meet all friends that have so much experience! Miss you guys!!!!
    ps. My arm is better..Im still going through physical therapy and we still have some work to do but I can finally touch my head (barely) but It helps to be able to do my hair =)-sorta. I submitted my slip to start pioneering and I'm praying so that everything works out. I decided to put things on Jah. Have fun and thanks for the postings it's encouraging!!! say hi to Rafa

  2. So which picture is of the CO?