Monday, December 10, 2012

Prayers answered! We found an apartment!

So this wknd our prayers were answered and we found an apartment that fits our needs. It is a very simple furnished 1bedroom apartment with the following included:
-A/C(must have!)
-some essential furniture(bed, sofa, dining table)
-small appliances (2burner stove too, fridge )
all in our monthly rent!

This time of year in Chetumal this kind of apartment is a tough find (especially with our tight rent budget!) these may seem like normal things for the USA , but hard to come across all of em together in one place here.. Lol.

I have to say we saw some much prettier apartments for same price , but they were completely unfurnished :( which would have meant lots of $$ to furnish. In fact, we found a beautiful and new apartment closer to the KH. But fortunately before we decided on it , we asked around about the surround neighborhood , and found there was a "gentleman's club" just around the corner which meant alot of bad people , druggies and robbers. Even the taxi guy told us, as we passed by one evening , that is it NOT a safe area! So thankfully we found all this out Before !

So here are some pics, and we still have yet to get a few things . But our most important worries of being safe and clean were answered! It is close to a police station, school and even the governors house! The complex houses mostly students, it is kept clean and well maintained. we are at the end of the L , so it's more private than the rest and we r in shade most of the day so stays a little bit cooler. It's also within walking distance (20-30 mins walk in hot humid heat...) to most service meeting groups during the week. And it is a short taxi ride away from the Kingdom Hall for meetings (taxi ride is about $1.50 each way ) Oh and there is an open air market about 10 mins walk from here! the veggies are beautiful there! Avocados the size of ur head and delicious! ;)

So here is our little apartment..

Also have to wash all fruits n veggies here with disenfectant...


  1. Hello rafa and lizette! We are so happy you found a place that will work out for you. It sounds like Jehovah really guided your choice. Many in the hall have been asking about how it is going for you and we have Ben sharing your blog with them! They love it! We can't wait to hear more:)
    Levi and Hanna

  2. Hey, that's great you guys found a place. Looks like your having such a great experience. Just had a quick question. Is there a good way to contact you guys? I don't think Rafael got my text.


  3. Thanks for all the nice comments guys. @ Levi and Hannah, thanks for sharing the page with the brothers, yes Jehovah has been taking care of us and the hall is super nice, but we still miss all of you guys. Please send our love to everyone.

  4. Those veggies and fruits look delicious!