Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This last week has been sooo bittersweet for us! We have have fallen in love with our Chetumal family and are going to miss them! Yet we are excited to see our family and friends back home.

These last days have been super jam packed with service plans and invitations to friends houses for meals. We literally had plans for every meal for the last 5 days! (Brothers n sisters here have been to good to us ) on Saturday a pair of fleshly sisters Darinka(23) and Matzue(17),who just moved to English hall from a nearby Spanish hall, invited us over to their families home for Chetumal style ceviche, n asked me to make my version of Sinaloa/gringa style ceviche haha,.. And it was so funny cuz I made as a big Tupperware of it but when we arrive to her house I saw she had made a HUUUUUGE bowl of it, so large that mine looked quite silly in size next to it, haha . Was soo yummy and we had soo much fun! It was a perfect day for ceviche too because Chetumal weather is heating up ! March- aug is unbearably hot(so the locals say, I can't imagine hotter with more humidity than it already is.. Yikes)

We packed up pretty much everything today, and will be giving up the apartment Tuesday afternoon.. Will be staying with the Pinzon family from our hall our last night (little Caleb's family)

Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be our last meeting, and after meeting party with tostadas & machacados (local chetumal dessert) I hope I don't cry too much saying goodbyes!

Here are also some more service pics:)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dinner at Ninfa's

Ninfa is a super sweet and fun sister from the hall, I'm gonna miss her when we leave!:( Wednesday this week we went after service to eat at our favorite tostada place near our apartment . Then on Thursday she invited us over after evening service to her family's house for dinner. Ninfa made some plantain chips fresh off their tree in the yard.. i may be slightly addicted to making them now after seeing how easily she made them!:) Her mom made a delicious meal! N we had a good time with them !

Here are also some service pics from this week :-)

(Pic uploaded out of order so Ninfa dinner at her house pictures are more toward end of pics...)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Road trip... Merida-Chetumal..

We stayed an extra night in Merida and did a road trip home with a sister (argelia) and her 3 boys(Javier 14yrs, Jonny 10, & Ethan 6yrs) in their SUV. She was glad that rafa drive for her ;) and we followed another family home (German his wife Adali, and their 2 young kids) it was alot of fun with Argelia and her boys, the boys were so silly. What was beat about our road trip is that we got to stop by two Cenotes and the town of Valladolid! Which I fell in love with! The architecture and town was just beautiful! The Cenotes we went to were:
Cenote Yokdzonot- which is an open air one, we pretty much just looked and walked around the whole place.
Cenote Samuli- which is an underground Cenote, u have to walk thru a little cave to get in.. :)