Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"La Zona Libre"

Hello all,

Sorry we haven't been online here for a while .. Internet has been off/on... Anyhoo, we have been busy with service here, and this last weekend we even had a few brothers and sisters over from the hall to our little apartment.. And Rafa has gotten a few groups together to do what else: soccer and basketball at the local park;) it's about 2 houses down from us, and it's a very nice park with lights and all.. So we r still getting used to the territory , and all the walking in the HEAT!!! .. Oh and the bugs :/ ..

Last wknd we went to the "Free zone" with another young couple from our hall that we have been hanging with, Aaron and Claribel, (they got married same just 2 weeks before us! He is from the states and she is a local from Chetumal) so the free zone is technically on Belize territory but considered a middle point between Mexico and Belize borders.. And is basically a place no one lives but there are tons of shops and markets. It's only open during the day, and has stuff from both countries n where most things are super cheap!! There are buses (btw they are creepy lil old cars/buses/trucks... but we decided to trust our brothers... lol)that go to the free zone from chetumal and take u to Specific stores, and its free as Long as u look around their stores(its their way of shuttling In business, ) If u dont take one of those shuttles its gets pricey to catch a taxi to the border and then u have to deal with belizian border officials who might try to scam u for money.. so shuttle works our better cuz u cross free and no dealings with scammers.. While we were there we found rafa a much needed service bag! we must have gotten the deal of a lifetime because the bag was only $18 for his "Giorgio Armani" bag! And next door we bought a $18 "Juicy Couture bag" what great deals... haha.. There was even a Target store! But it was false hopes because it was not the American target that I am soo addicted to haha.. Claribel and i got hats for service, and then Aaron took us to one if his fav food spots for their famous fried chicken. In his words "best place to get American style fried chicken" we were excited for some chicken, but we became a little nervous because when we walked up... We saw it was a Chinese restaurant! Lol! ...but the food was yummy! We dis some more window shopping , Then we got a ride back to the border on this little funny shuttle, the driver drove like crazy and into oncoming traffic , soo fee times didnt think wed make it back , haha.. So it was an experience ..

Tomorrow AM we are catching our flight to Mexico City! We can't wait! We will be there wednesday thru Monday! We will be meeting up with a ton of family: Tio Serg+Fam, Tia Lisa+ Fam , Tio Alex, tio Chuyito+ Fam, Lizettes Dad & Mom, plus the family that lives in Mexico City and in the Mexico bethel! My last count we will be about 21 or so!

So we will be tourist ! will be checking out the museums , archaeological sites, pyramids, pyramids, and more pyramids! (the pyramids supposedly rival the Egypt ones!! ) and of course will be checking out the local cuisine! which we both are looking forward to, because surprisingly the food around chetumal .. well we havent been too impressed.. haha.. but its a mix of many regions and not what we r used to... but back to the trip: Friday night -Monday all 20(+/-) of us get to stay in bethel! So there will be a bunch of Sanchez representing during morning worship monday morning.. haha!

So will be uploading pix from the next week soon! We can't wait! Hope you all have a good week and weekend!

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