Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mexico City and bethel PT 1

Well we have been back a few days but we had a great time visiting with family and getting to know the city!:$ everyday we were about 20-30 family members, so as u can imagine with such big groups took us awhile to get from one place to another ;-) but we had a blast and made every minute count ! There is so much to say but ill "try"(notice the " ") to simplify it ;)

Note: while in Mexico City it was very chilly at night (like 40s I think..) and decent during the day(60/70s) .. I think we had gotten semi used to Chetumal's heat.. So we were freezing while there with our Chetumal clothes, lol.

Day 1:
arrived to airport and met up with my parents who flew in after us , cousin German picked us up, then we all went back to hotel to meet rest of the tribe. it was evening by that time so we checked out the famous Zocalo, cathedral and had some Elotes on a stick with cream , queso and chile ... Yum!

Day 2:
All 21 of us boarded a Turibus (sightseeing bus , hop off n on bus..) takes u by all the tourist/historical sites in city.. this took most of the day and not to mention we filled up majority of the top of bus ;)

Day 3:
We had a slow start to the day , but while most of the group went to check out the Castillo de Chapultepec( castle where Spanish and French lived while they governed in Mexico very long time ago..) Rafa, Jeanette, and I went to the Anthropology museum. It was pretty darn awesome, Rafa played tour guide to Jeannette and I :) we listened as he got all excited explaining all the motherland history to us ;) lol.
Later that night all 20 of us from out of state checked into bethel and stayed with different couples that had offered their rooms to us for our last 3 nights. We all loved our host!
Rafa and I stayed with a couple named Jose Luis and Araceli Perez, super sweet couple! And they bilingual so that was nice for my gringa side;) they shared their experiences with us and how they arrived to bethel..

They were already serving in circuit work for 4 years just outside of Mexico City. Their District overseer invited them to join the bethel meeting at assembly,.. Jose Luis said he nervously told the DO that he did not qualify... The DO surprisingly asked how can he be in circuit work but not qualify for bethel? (Jose Luis was in his early 40s, making him just over bethel age limit to apply..) so he agrees to go anyways. At end of the meeting the brothers handed him and Araceli the bethel app.. They were honest in telling us that they weren't really sure about bethel since they were already serving in circuit.. But they decided to leave it in Jahs hand , and let him decide where he wanted them, so they applied and continued in their circuit Work. Well 2 months later on a Wednesday they received a a very shocking call...they were invited to bethel, and by that very next Monday there were bethelites!:) they said it all happened so fast that they were quite shocked for awhile , but 20 years later they are very happy and grateful to have had privilege to be there. The brother works in service department and the sister works in graphic design in the printers department . We had so much fun and were encouraged by them! We can't wait for them to visit one day! (Look for their pic below from the bethel dining room during morning worship)

Days 4-6 post n pics in next post

Well sorry for long post and the many pics!! But hope u enjoy!:) and comment if u can:)

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