Friday, February 22, 2013

Merida 2 day assembly

Last weekend we made trip up north to Merida for the English circuit assembly and pioneer meeting. It was soo nice and encouraging! Especially to meet so many other brothers and sisters, young and old, who are in Mexico helping the English congregations.

Thursday We went by bus (6hour ride) at 7am from Chetumal to Merida, arriving there around 1. We wanted to go Friday but we would not have made it in time for pioneer meeting which was being held at a Merida Kingdom Hall at 1... But it was nice we got to arrive early to Merida because we took advantage of Thursday afternoon and evening to go do sightseeing in Merida's centro historico, and saw some awesome haciendas which are now museums.

Friday we had pioneer meeting , which was soo nice! The circuit has 223 reg pioneers and 3 special pioneers(20 congregations and 2 groups).The talks were very encouraging to keep up the regular pioneer work, and the district overseer gave a really nice talk , we wish we could have recorded it! Again meeting the brothers before and after was so nice , as many are in similar situations as us, .. Brothers here serving from all over but many from US and Canada .

Then the weekend program of the assembly was just the encouraging boost we needed. There was about 700 in attendance each day. And even one brother from our hall got baptized! His name is Caleb and he is 9yrs old! He is a super cute kid, very smart for his age! (He is the one that is sad rafa is leaving hall soon.. ) so it was nice! So Saturday after assembly we went out with a group to celebrate Caleb :-)

We even got to take a congregation picture ( a few were missing) at front of the assembly hall so look for that pic! By the way notice how gorgeous the assembly hall is! It's only a few years new, and it has A/C! Merida is usually alot warmer than Chetumal and has same humidity (we were fortunate Merida that weekend was like 70/80s, because week after assembly it was high 90s/ n 100 with humidity in 80% range!) .. But since Chetumal is close to ocean we usually get a breeze and nights kinda cool down.. Anyways AC works soo good in assembly hall you need to take a sweater cuz it gets too cold!! Lol. Also it was really neat because the whole assembly hall is lit up up skylights all over the roof, so the only lights that were on were in the platform. It was funny though when it would get a lil cloudy it would darken a little. So energy and cost efficient!

I'm making our road trip home Pt2 to this post cuz there are 2 many pics to be all together ..

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