Thursday, February 14, 2013

La Isla Bonita

This last wknd we spent a few days on the island of San pedro , Belize... also known as: la Isla Bonita! Was gorgeous and yes, it was the island that inspired Madonna's song "Isla Bonita"! She supposedly has a mansion on the island.. This was kind of a belated 2nd anniversary trip.. We decided last sept that we would rather save our $ and do something fun/different while we were down south, and we r soo glad we did! Because we were able to relax and enjoy the island! We found an inexpensive but super nice, comfy, and clean Inn to stay in! And when we arrived Rafa had arranged for there to be champagne and famous n suuuuuper delicious Belizian chocolates in the room! (Btw we visited that chocolat boutique out last day on island..)
Anyhoo, it's a 1.5 hour water taxi ride from Chetumal to the island. It's also along the 2nd biggest barrier reef(1st largest is in Australia) so it's a very popular spot for snorkeling and scuba/deep diving. Close by is the famous "Blue hole", there was an awake article on it, or you can google blue hole, and see some cool pics. We don't scuba so we did not go. We had a short stay 3day/2night .. So we weren't able to do too much besides bum beachside, which is what we wanted :) we did want to try Night Snorkeling, but they said weather conditions were not good the night we wanted to:( but we did find awesome $20 massages on the beach! Woo hoo! And we had some great Jamaican jerk chicken!

Wish we could have stayed longer, but this wknd we traveled up north for 2day circuit assembly and pioneer meeting in Merida (5hrs north by bus from Chetumal).. We jus arrived to Merida so ill keep u posted, we r excited for assembly!

Enjoy the pics!

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