Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hana apartment adventures

Wanted to share some of our apartment pictures. We really like the apartment, but I think that may be because we have gotten the updated side... As we have not been traumatized by monsters, mosquitoes, and  creepy crawlies  as Julie and Kits side of apartments :/ sorry guys ! :(  Overall the apartment is very simple, but efficient. It would be nice to have a small kitchenette or sink to wash dishes in, but it works. And something Rafa and I were excited about in this apartment was that it has working water and Hot water!! Unlike our apartment in Mexico! Where it only worked like 30/40% of the day.. Lol. There is a huge building being built right next door which makes it super annoying to relax/sleep, because apparently Thailand has no work ordinances and they be making a racket starting at like 6/7am to whatever time they feel like stopping , usually around 6/7pm , and yes that is 7 days a week! Add to that the noisy nights with loud neighbors(not it's not anyone in our group..) but the crying n screaming baby who's parents leave in hallway almost nightly to share they joys of parenting with all of us(good birth control) , to the couple below us who fight n scream every night, and the constant flow of people in n out of the very echo friendly hallway at all hours of the night ... Ahhh the sounds and experiences... Lol.  (Ex: it is currently 1130pm Wednesday night and there is a full concert of some sort either downstairs in the restaurant in front of the building or at a neighbors, it doesn't sound like they plan on stopping anytime soon, and well they can use some practice :/ ,...) 

Ok so I said we liked it but now I sound like I am complaining haha. Besides noise factor we really do like the apartment .... And rent is so inexpensive ! :-) 

Service is still awesome! My backs been acting up and going out so I've had to miss a few days of service which is such a bummer..  But we've been trying to take advantage of doing informal everywhere we go. it's just a great reminder and great satisfaction knowing we r helping spread seeds for Jehovah , and that even though there is a HUGE language barrier , this may be their only chance to hear about Jehovah. So in the few broken Thai words we can get out... we try to informal. Definitely makes us anxious to learn more Thai to be able to communicate more in service! And we admire those who are here serving and visibly progressing in learning the language, we hope one day we can reach more through the language like them :)

 Almost every where we go it seems that there are eyes on us, as we are usually a large group of nice and happy looking tourist(most tourist here to pattaya are pretty rude and are not nice to Thai people n others in general, it's so infuriating!) so when they see us happy n smiling , be it in a big groups or just as a couple, they tend to watch n observe making it perfect opportunity to witness. I was able to invite a group of young teenage age kids from the states and canada who are in an "outreach" program here in pattaya  to our Sunday meeting, and left them with some tracts. I casually started a convo with them n They were curious about why we were in Thailand so it gave the perfect opportunity to witness. Even though their odds of being witnessed to back home is probably better than that for most Thai, and even if they can't make it to meeting it'll be nice that they see Jehovah's people are all over the world :)
This picture of the room is a Panoramic pic so it kinda makes room look bigger,.. But it's hotel sized room with one small closet dresser thing that we share between us 2. Then there's a mirror/vanity thing with one little drawer .. And that's all the storage! Living again with so little here reminds me of the fact that I should just have my mom go thru all my junk at home and burn it before we return!  Ok maybe sell n giveaway , will need the profits for the return trip!  Haha. 

Taking a service break  one hot morning 

^^ Juli, Maria, me and my homegirl Kenzie ^

Oh and a few nights ago we had a super last minute get together in our apartment/room , here is a pic below .. we had fun:) 


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