Sunday, December 29, 2013

Andaman triangle

If you've been following either of us on Instagram you've seen : This last week we've been MIA from the pattaya service scene because we've been traveling a bit in the south of Thailand.. As in island hopping:-) and let me tell you it is amazingly beautiful! 6 nights/7days of relaxation.... 3 nights in Ao Nang/krabi then 3 nights on Phi phi islands ...

First we took a taxi to the Bangkok airport to catch our first flight Krabi . It's a beautiful province in south of Thailand . Once we arrived we caught a bus to our hotel in the beach town of Ao Nang, which is just north of the busy city of Krabi town. We loved our relaxing hotel (Maleedee bay resort- totally recommend! ) that was settled in near mountains and just a short 10 minute walk to town/beach. Supposedly this is the high season , but in Ao nang it was so nice and didn't feel crowded at all. 

One of my favorite evenings.. 

Our first activity of the day was to relax, eat and check out the town... This area is known for great seafood so we made sure to try as much as we could.. Then prep for one of my favorite parts of this week.... That evening we took A Thai cooking course! Oh boy I knew I'd have fun but wow, it even blew rafs mind on how fun it was. (Note: rafa was offering to "let me go and enjoy the course by myself" .. He thought he could to save himself $ and the "bore" of a class lol..but convinced him to come) we were only 4 students total in the class so it was nice to have more attention from the teacher for our cooking.. the teacher Yok and her husband were soo awesome! They are both from northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai. They sure put together a great course!  We each learned to make 6 dishes .. Rafa and I tried to pick different things so we(mostly I) could try to re-create them at home.. We cooked in 2 sets ..

Rafs picks :                                          Lizette: 
Tom yum (spicy prawn soup)                 Tom kha kai(spicy coconuts chicken soup)
Chicken cashew nut.                             Pad Thai with chicken 
Spring rolls with banana                         Spring rolls with banana 

2nd round :
Spicy cucumber salad.                          Papaya salad 
Panang curry chicken.                          Green curry chicken
Sticky rice with pineapple                     Sticky rice with pineapple 

Wit our teacher Yok ^ 

Well it was all delicious and we didn't think we'd be able to eat the 2nd round.. So we were planning on taking it back to hotel... Well that 2nd round made it home in our bellies.. I think we could rolled out of there by how full we were! We were sent home with a certificate of course completion and a recipe book with pics and ingredients list... Perfect! I really want to try to find the ingredients soon and have a group over before I forget how to cook em!

Railey beach 

The next day we went to Railey beach by longtail boat(totally obsessed with longtail boat cool to photograph) anyways at that beach the beauty comes from impressive cliffs surrounding the beach.. A wonderful site to see that pics cannot do it justice. 

Some other pics... 

Rafs first lobster 

And best coconuts fried ice cream ((below)

Curry pineapple  crab friedrice in a pineapple ^

Ko Phi Phi Don 

We arrived to the islands by a large water ferry and basically beach bummed the whole time. The island was a bit touristy but the waters and the cool hidden beaches we found made up for it.. 

View from our lobby^

Our hotel was super nice bungalow up in the hill, but the stairs and super steep 10 min walk up and down each way was killer! Lol good thing we loved our bungalow 

View at night ^ 

One of the hidden lonely beaches we found ^

One day we went to Ko phi phi Ley on a private longtail boat that we had to ourselves , it's the neighboring island that is day trips only, and there is so much to see there, a gorgeous inlet where we swam, then snorkeled.. I've never seen so many different fish and such gorgeous waters! It totally beats the Bahamas, Mexico, and Belize.... This island was made famous by the movie "the beach" with Leonardo dicaprio ..( I haven't seen it, but must be beautiful shots ...)  I guess it was filmed on the part of the island called Maya Beach, that cost 200 baht (about $7USD to just step on the sand ..) um yeah we weren't about to pay that so we went to a beach about 300 ft away separated by rocks for free! And we had the beach all to ourselves and it wasn't crowded with boats... We scored it was a nice beach!:)

Another day we made the trek up to the Phi phi viewpoint at the very top peak of the island.. Killer stairs and this out of shape girl almost died on way up.. Plus my flip flop and beach attire didn't really suit the hike.. But I had suggested the hike, since I knew it was something rafa would like (definitely not my 1st pick , lol) so I had to make it up... We made it and it was so worth it! 

Rest stop on way up.. Comfy... ? Lol

Raf made a friend just before we left phi phi 

In phuket ^ just ate at their deliciousrestaraunt..   lol.

Ok now that I've totally written a ton.... We are actually at the end of our trip.. Right now we are on a water ferry from phi phi islands to the island of Phuket.. Where will spend the afternoon in her beach then catch our 10 pm flight back to Bangkok... Then taxi(1.5hours ) to pattaya arriving late Sunday night. Then will have one day to get ready to leave ... Because Tuesday at 4am we are catching a bus to Cambodia.. Where will spend a few days in Angkor Wat/ Siem riep...

Till next time...


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