Sunday, January 27, 2013

Service and hanging out with the cong...

Cricket cricket.... we are still alive :-) been forgetting to update the blog! But not too much new to report. We have been in service , working our "personal territory" which is 54 square blocks around our apartment.. Yup u read that right 5-4! Since its a new hall still we are all working to establish territory and doing TONS of census. Which can be hard when ur trying to keep up with return visits, and establish studies... But either way it's a great territory, we do find English speakers , and also find many our the characters of our 'hood ... Haha.

We also have been making an effort to invite friends from the hall over , small groups at a time, for desserts, games , or simple dinners.. Including a couple and a family that were visiting from states and canada(sorry naomi for posting pic ;) ) So that has been fun and in turn we have been invited over by many in the hall. So we have been having fun getting to know the ones in hall better.. Which is making us sad to think we are going to be leaving in one month, we are already know we are going to miss them: :( they are all making us promise to return !

Oh and also a couple in our hall hosted a talent show at their house! It was so cute and fun to watch, everybody got involved with a lil something! Raf represented for us as a backup "guitar player" lol.. The bro asked him if he could pretend to play guitar behind him as he sang a song he wrote.. Some played real guitar, sang(karaoke), danced, played a Smarty pants... Oh and we found out raf has a new skill: hula hoopin' ! they made everyone try it and raf was among the top 3 best, surprisingly! Haha. Ill post some of those pics as well.

Oh and raf found a group of brothers that play at the park right next door to our place , they are crazy cuz they play Monday nights 930pm-midnight! But of course he loves it.. Haha, it is a well lit park with free wifi so I just hang out n use my comp.. :)

Well here are a few pics of us hanging out in our place an at others , view of outside and inside of our hall, and the view to beach from the hall... :)

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