Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lago Bacalar

So this last Friday we played hooky from service Nd went with our good friends here Aaron and claribel to Lago bacalar ! Its also known as "the lake if 7colors" its fed water by Underground cenotes (Dangerous to swim by woth its strong currents.. so we stayed away..) It's just about 25-30 mins from our apartment . It's the 2nd largest lake in the country and it's absolutely beautiful! We went to their favorite spot Cokalitos.. It's where they had their wedding!:) we pretty much had the spot to ourselves the whole day, and it was perfect weather out! We hung out, played games, studied and ate our lunches we packed :) I would love
To vacation there permanently ! The water was "sweet water" .. it's diff lake cuz at most waters edge it's actually deeper than in middle, so it's shallowest parts are in center.. But in a diff area of lake they hold boat races.. So it's a very diverse and huge lake!

Then on way out we walked to Cenote Azul it's doesn't look like much but it's a very big Cenote, with more fish in it than in the lago! It's super deep , and they said they stopped measuring the depth at 300ft.. So they really don't know how deep is is! And there is a rope that spans across the middle for u to hold onto in case u get tired, cuz there is no where to rest... Kinda creepy and none of us wanted to get in.. Yes we big babies.. Maybe next time.. Lol.

Will def be going back to visit!


  1. wow great photos! what is a cenote? like a river? mini lake? and yes i see why u didnt want to get in it looks super deep! the kind of place something will come up from the depths a and grab u! haha


  2. hey Jessica!
    so i googled for the proper definition:
    Cenote is the Spanish name for the sinkholes opening into the Yucatan Peninsula's underground river system, the largest underground river system in the world, and sometimes used by the ancient Mayans for sacrificial offerings.
    Raf said that they usedcenotes to sacrifice Virgins covered in gold and jewelry , throw them into the cenotes, and because of all the jwelry they would sink to bottom! how horrible is that! yet another reason Cenotes freak me out!lol! and yes that is also exactly what i was thinking ! thatwe would be swimming and a big creature would eat us!! ;/ haha!!