Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Departure day!

Well today we take off, and start the beginning our adventure! Thanks to Jehovah we were finally able to accomplish our goal of helping out in different country.. Although we know at the end of this trip we will be the ones returning home super encouraged!

So today it all comes together.. Many days of planning and packing (ok Raf packed his bag in about 5 minutes flat.. While I took about 5 days...lol) We each have 1 check in, 1 carry on, and 1 backpack..plus an extra So 7 total :/ (I know, I know we may have slightly overpacked.. Yikes.. )

We will miss you all, so leave us a comment and let us know how you are all doing:) anyways off to Cancun for a week with the Fam! Will keep you updated!

~Rafa & Lizette

Missing in picture is our two huge check in bags..!;)

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  1. ;,( gonna miss you guys but very happy and proud of you at the same time. Please let us know when you land.